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    Daichhal , 3, rue du deich L-9012 ETTELBRUCK
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    00352 2680 3512

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When will the convention be open to the public?

The convention will be open:
Saturday november 17 th.from 11.00 am to 09.00 pm
Sunday november 18 th., from 11.00 am to 08.00 pm

Is there a parking lot nearby?

Yes, right next to the building is a big parking lot, which is free.

Can I get tattooed or pierced at the convention?

Yes, you can get tattooed if you’re 18 or over and pierced if you are at least 16 and have the authorisation of a legal parent.
You can get in touch with the artists via their website or our Facebook page or by coming to the convention and asking them.

Are children allowed at the convention?

Yes, children are allowed if there is a parent with them. (free entry for those who are under the age of 16) Minors are not granted entry if they are alone.
For the very young ones we provide a space where they can be, there will be 2 professional animators present.

Are pets allowed at the convention?

No, no animals are allowed inside the building.

Is it possible that I won’t be let in?

Yes, if you can’t show us a valid ID or if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will not be let into the convention.

Is there a hygiene control?

Yes, every stand will be controlled before the convention opens.

Is there a pre-sale?

Yes, the comittee members of the a.s.b.l. are selling tickets before the event. There are also several locations, in Luxembourg, which sell tickets. You can find those locations on our internet site.

Is it possible to eat and drink at the convention?

Yes, outside we have various food-trucks and drinks are available on the inside.

What is NOT allowed:

  • Smoking or vaping inside the building
  • Too big bags
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Bottles or cups which are NOT made of plastic
  • Rollers, skateboards, hoverboards etc

What is allowed:

  • Cameras of any sort.
  • Small bags after a safety control.
  • Crash helmets

The organisation is not responsible for any thefts, losses or injuries, whether they occur on the inside or the outside of the building.
General information:

  • Everything will have to be paid in cash, there is an ATM 100m away from the building.
  • There will be no changing rooms, lockers or anything
  • It will be possible to call cab, if necessary
  • The tickets are not refundable
  • The site will be secured and under surveillance the whole weekend.

Price on the spot: 1Day 10€ - 2 Days 15€

Pre-sale price: 1 Day : 8€ - 2 Days: 12€